Dermal Fillers in Tampa


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In the past, aging was an unavoidable reality. Today, there are non-surgical options to help you look younger and age gracefully. One of the most widely used options is fillers.

At 360 Dermatology, we help patients enhance their natural appearance and boost their confidence by using fillers which reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enhance facial contours. This volumizing technique uses injectable hyaluronic acid; a naturally occurring substance that regulates water balance in the skin which is integral to how our skin looks as we age.

As the body gets older, it produces less hyaluronic acid and loses elasticity which results in older more tired looking skin. With simple injections of fillers strategically placed, the skin receives a needed boost of hydration, immediately diminishing the appearance of lines and restoring vitality. Results of a treatment with fillers are immediately visible and typically last about nine months. There is no downtime and the side effects are minimal because hyaluronic acid is a natural component of youthful skin. Fillers are ideal to volumizing the lips and for decreasing the deep creases around the mouth to the nose.

Your safety is our number one priority. Unlike other places, all procedures are performed by Dr. Ambay, a board certified dermatologist. Injections are administered in our office only after you have spoken with Dr. Ambay to discuss your goals and develop an optimal treatment plan. Since there is only one you, we believe in personalizing our care for only you. Our goal is to bring out beauty that is natural, revitalized and uniquely YOU!

In some instances, BOTOX is used to complement the effective rejuvenation of fillers. Unlock your potential and discover how good your skin can look and feel; contact us for your personalized consultation.




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