Liquid Facelift


What Is a Liquid Facelift?

A Liquid Facelift is a non-surgical option for facial rejuvenation. The purpose is restore the patients youthful appearance while keeping the results natural and not over done. With our experience and technique we are able to contour, fill and lift areas of the face without a single incision being made or a lengthy downtime required. Our Liquid Facelift treatments are truly tailored to each patients unique wants and needs. It typically consists of a  combination of treatments to achieve the optimal final result. 

Common combinations of treatments are:

  • Fillers
  • Botox
  • CO2RE Laser
  • Kybella
  • V-Beam Laser

Who Is A Candidate?

An ideal candidate for a Liquid Facelift is anyone seeking to address multiple concerns of aging including  fine lines, wrinkles, hollowness, sagging skin, sun damage, excess fat under the chin and more.

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*actual patient



 *actual patient

The Benefits Of A Liquid Facelift:

  • Restore a more youthful and rested appearance
  • Lift sagging brows, jowls and corners of mouth
  • Improve the appearance of under-eye circles and bags
  • Add volume to cheeks, temples and under-eyes
  • Create fuller, smoother lips and skin 


If you think a Liquid Facelift may be right for you or you are interested in learning more please give our office a call at 813.406.4835.