The Benefits of Beauty



Unfortunately, many of us look in the mirror each day and are frustrated with our reflection. Each year, millions turn to Plastic Surgeons in search of a solution and find the results are life changing. The popularity of cosmetic surgery is undeniable and over the past decade the numbers of cosmetic patients have increased exponentially. Many studies have shown that even through the hard economic times, the numbers still hold strong. The fact is, looking great means feeling great; and everyone deserves to feel great.

In a vanity centered world, many people feel one’s physical traits often define who they are as a person. Ultimately, appearance can determine the jobs they are offered as well as the promotions they receive. Self-confidence is directly related to the level of success one holds both socially and professionally. Correcting a perceived flaw can boost self-confidence, eliminate social anxiety and for many, improve the quality of life.

Today, cosmetic procedures are less invasive and patients are finding the results are well worth the investment .Many procedures can be done quickly and provide considerable health benefits. An eyelid lift may improve vision, a breast reduction may remove back pain, removing loose skin may improve comfort and correcting a disfigurement may heal deep emotional scars.

As the industry continues to grow, many cosmetic surgery offices have evolved making the patient experience more convenient. Florida residents in the Wesley Chapel, North Tampa, Tampa Palms, Land O Lakes and Zephyrhills areas now have the luxury of receiving both cosmetic surgery and dermatology in one location.

Dr. Aparna Ambay of 360 Dermatology is a board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. She has partnered with Dr. Raj Ambay, double board certified plastic surgeon of Ambay Plastic Surgery. Together they have formed a unique partnership providing compassionate, coordinated comprehensive care within a beautiful new state of the art facility.

If you are interested in enhancing your appearance through Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermal Fillers, or Botox please call (813)406- 4835 to schedule a consultation.

If you and Dr. Ambay feel that your overall results may be enhanced by a combination of surgical and non-surgical care, we can offer you a complimentary coordinated visit with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Ambay’s office is located at 2441 Oak Myrtle Lane, Wesley Chapel, FL.

You may choose to contact Dr. Ambay’s office over the phone at (813) 406-4835 or through our website.