Acne Scar Treatment



Suffering through perpetual breakouts is an experience that far too many teens and even adults deal with. Should acne then produce scarring, this could feel like a second bout of punishment. Scarring is more than the reddish-brown marks that are left behind as a pimple heals. These colored spots will vanish after a short time, as old skin cells fall off and they are replaced by new, healthy skin cells. Even this mild effect of acne, however, can take up to a year to disappear fully.

There are ways to approach the treatment of acne that will reduce the risk of lasting scars. In our Tampa dermatology practice, we tailor an acne regimen based on each patient’s exact needs and the severity of the condition. If you have experienced persistent acne that does not respond to over the counter topical solutions after four to six weeks of regular use, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ambay at 360 Dermatology. Working with a skin care specialist, your worry over the immediate and lasting effects of acne can be significantly reduced. In cases where acne is mild, with a few whiteheads or blackheads developing here and there, topical ointments often produce excellent results. In these instances, though, it is important to refrain from picking or popping pimples to protect the skin from lingering scars.

Moderate to severe acne is quite different from the mild form, which responds to over the counter medication. When acne becomes severe, inflammation and redness will occur and pimples may look more like pustules, which are red at the edges with a white center. Whether it is a new development or a condition that has been battled for some time, moderate to severe acne warrants a visit to a skilled dermatologist to avoid scarring.

Because every person is different, with his or her own skin type and healing tendency, acne scars may develop differently from one person to another. The approach we take in our Tampa office is to see each patient as an individual. Through thoughtful evaluation and assessment of the skin, Dr. Ambay facilitates the reduction or elimination of existing acne. As the skin begins to heal from inflammation and breakouts, it can be treated with an ongoing regimen that will restore health and reduce the risk of scar development.

360 Dermatology is an inclusive practice in which we have assembled the most effective treatments for the restoration of skin health and the elimination of existing acne scars. Contact us in Tampa to discover your best skin.