Aparna Ambay, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist
(813) 406-4835
27716 Cashford Cir #101
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544
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From the moment you walk into 360 Dermatology you feel at ease. The office has a soothing and spa like feeling. The staff are friendly, courteous, attentive, professional and knowledgeable. The paperwork required is thorough but not excessive. You are quickly brought into an examination room and seen just as quickly by Dr. Ambay. She gives you a very thorough examination, explains in detail any problems, concerns, all treatment options and spends as much time as needed. She puts you at ease and you feel confident that you are in the best hands. Not only does the staff follow up after a visit, Dr. Ambay does as well. I have been seeing dermatologists since I was a child and Dr. Ambay is by far the best. She not only treats the problem but she treats the patient. She is intelligent, professional, thorough and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a dermatologist, for any reason. ~ Michele M
Few things are more important to your quality of life than good health. Your skin, all 12 to 20 square feet of it, has three layers – the epidermis (topmost), dermis (middle), and subcutaneous (deep layer). Together, those stratums comprise about 15 percent of your body. That makes skin wellness an important factor in your overall health.

There are thousands of diseases which can affect the condition of your skin, each with a variety of treatment options. It's important to trust diagnosis to a qualified, board certified dermatologist like Dr. Aparna Ambay. With skill and experience, she makes an accurate analysis and works with the patient to arrive at an effective treatment plan. Simply put, Dr. Ambay understands.

She understands the discomfort and irritation associated with everyday skin conditions. As a general dermatology practice, 360 Dermatology helps patients find relief from acne, eczema, rashes, nail fungus, and much more. Dr. Ambay also grasps the emotional impact of conspicuous dermatology issues such as hair loss, birth marks, roscea, scars, and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). She offers compassionate, advanced solutions.

When more concerning diseases like herpes, shingles, or hives occur, she recognizes how calming information can be to the patient. She explains symptoms, factors which may generate outbreaks, and prognosis, and suggests a plan of treatment.

Many skin conditions are rooted in your family tree. The 360 Dermatology team understands the advantages of family care. They tend to the pediatric, cosmetic, general, and geriatric patient, working with your family physician to ensure comprehensive analysis.

The Tampa area gets about 244 days of sunshine annually. Dr. Ambay knows that her patients need education on sun protection. They are looking for solutions to sun damaged skin and the premature signs of aging that can result from it.

Florida also has a skin cancer incidence of 17.3 to 19.1 percent. Dr. Ambay comprehends the critical nature of yearly skin cancer screenings – early detection to catch and treat basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma cancers. As an experienced Moh's trained surgeon, she is able to offer the most effective, advanced treatment method for removal. Her patients experience cancer treatment coordinated with state of the art diagnostic labs and reconstructive care through the Tampa Institute of Plastic Surgery.

Your heath and the wellness of the ones you love are vital to your enjoyment of life. Trust your family's skin health to a compassionate dermatologist who understands your needs. Call 360 Dermatology today for a consultation with Dr. Aparna Ambay – she understands that skin matters.
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