Chemical Peels



Dr. Aparna Ambay, of 360 Dermatology, offers a wide selection of dermatology services including chemical peels. Chemical peels are treatments typically used on the face to improve the skin’s condition by bringing forth newer, fresher skin.

The principle of a chemical peel is to remove the outer layer of the skin to eliminate dead, damaged skin cells. The skin underneath is more evenly toned and textured and looks more youthful and smoother than the outer layer of the skin. Removing the outer layer also assists in skin cell turnover, greatly improving a patient’s appearance. They are commonly applied to the face, but can also be administered on the hands and the décolleté. At 360 Dermatology, Dr. Aparna Ambay herself applies chemical peels, so patients can enjoy the treatment from a board certified dermatologist instead of an “assistant” as at other practices.

Chemical peels are made with a variety of acids. The acids used for a specific patient will be determined by his or her skin type and the condition being treated. The best combination of ingredients is chosen for ultimate results. Dr. Aparna Ambay typically uses a solution with glycolic acids, lactic acids, or salicylic acids. This is determined when a patient attends his or her consultation with the dermatologist. The acid mixture is applied to the skin and left on for a specific time before being removed. This allows it to improve the skin’s condition to address problems such as dry skin, acne prone skin and aging skin with fine lines and wrinkles.

Superficial peels done at 360 Dermatology require little to no downtime. Dr. Aparna Ambay discusses with patients the different levels of chemical peels and which is best for each individual.

Patients considering chemical peels should consult with the team at 360 Dermatology to determine if this is the best service for them. They are encouraged to contact Dr. Aparna Ambay, in the Tampa area, to learn more about the benefits and results that chemical peels can provide.