Skin Infections



As a dermatologist in Tampa, Dr. Ambay has seen thousands of patients for an abundance of different skin conditions. Many patients come to Dr. Ambay when they have skin infections, which cover a wide range of problems. Skin infections will typically be one of four different types: bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic.

Bacterial skin infections are those caused by bacteria and they can be addressed with antibiotics. Conditions such as, staph infections, impetigo and cellulitis are common bacterial skin infections seen in Tampa.

Viral skin infections include those such as herpes, warts and shingles. These conditions can be treated with topical creams and/or the use of oral medications. Warts can also be removed by a skilled dermatologist by means of freezing or cutting.

Both men and women can experience fungal infections. Two common fungal infections include yeast infections and athlete’s foot. Topical creams can be used to address them.

Common parasitic skin infections seen at 360 Dermatology in Tampa are lice and scabies, which can be treated with shampoos and manual removal.

Skin infections should be addressed to keep them from spreading, becoming worse, or affecting other parts of the body. A complete and thorough examination by a board certified dermatologist is the best way to get an accurate diagnosis of a condition and receive the proper treatment. General family physicians might not have the experience dealing with skin infections, nor will they have the targeted training and skills needed to give effective treatment. Many times, general physicians may refer a patient to a dermatologist, such as Dr. Ambay, for a follow-up or treatment.

Dr. Ambay, of 360 Dermatology in Tampa, is available to see new and existing patients for skin and body concerns. They can enjoy personalized treatment that is unique to their individual situations, which means targeted, comprehensive care. If you are a patient that is experiencing a skin condition that concerns you, it may be time to call a qualified doctor to examine and address the issue. If you live in the Tampa area, call Dr. Ambay, of 360 Dermatology, today to schedule a consultation appointment and start taking control of your skin and body!