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At 360 Dermatology, we know our patients want to feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin. When conditions exist such as acne, uneven skin tone, or fine lines and wrinkles, we want to assist our patients in overcoming these skin concerns and bring forth the beauty they feel inside. In addition to our many cosmetic dermatology solutions, we also offer a wide variety of skin care products from Obagi® Medical and SkinCeuticals.

Obagi Tampa

Obagi® Medical is one of the leaders in skin health and develops medical-grade products for home use. Obagi® has been offering quality skin care systems since 1988; their line of products is focused on providing healthy, beautiful skin for patients of all skin types and ages. One of the first products, Obagi® Nu-Derm System, continues to be a popular offering from their company as it provides amazing results.

Obagi® Medical products are a staple at Dr. Aparna Ambay’s office. As a board certified dermatologist, she ensures that her patients get the best skin care products around for ultimate results. She is committed to providing cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical skin care products that work. Her patients have found that the Obagi® name denotes quality and has the benefit of ensuring patients have radiant, healthy skin they can be proud of!


  *Individual Results May Vary


SkinCeuticals is another trusted skin care brand used by the 360 Dermatology team. Its mission is simple: to improve skin health. It does this by providing advanced skin care that is backed by science. SkinCeuticals has established itself as the industry’s leading antioxidant authority. It carries many different products that can help address an array of skin concerns such as preventing skin aging and skin cancer.

SkinCeuticals products go through extensive medical grade clinical testing and more than 200 of its studies have been published in prestigious medical journals. Dr. Ambay is proud to recommend this line of skin care products to her patients as it has proven to be effective time and time again. Whether your skin needs correction, protection or prevention, SkinCeuticals has a formula to truly transform your skin. 


*Invidual Results May Vary

Dr. Aparna Ambay has a wide variety of skin care products at her Tampa area dermatology practice and encourages patients to schedule a consultation with her to determine the best home care products for their specific situation. Patients may also benefit from the services offered at her practice, such as chemical peels, dermal fillers, injectables and even plastic surgery. During an initial examination, Dr. Aparna Ambay investigates the patient’s concerns and can suggest treatments to improve the skin and body.

Patients in the Tampa area considering a skin care regimen that addresses skin concerns should focus on visiting a board certified dermatologist for quality, comprehensive care. 360 Dermatology is available to take new patients and provides skin care assistance and services for patients of all ages.


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