Skin Cancer Treatment in Wesley Chapel


There is no doubt that Florida residents have an appreciation for the warmth and beauty the sun has to offer. Still, we must be cautious as our skin is consistently vulnerable to the sun’s rays and all Floridians must remember the use of sunblock and the importance of regular skin checks with a board certified dermatologist.

Skin cancer is one of the fastest growing forms of cancer in America. Dr. Aparna Ambay, a board certified dermatologist at 360 Dermatology in Wesley Chapel, stresses the importance of prevention and early detection of skin cancer. When detected and addressed early, skin cancer has an extremely high cure rate.

Skin cancer occurs when DNA in the skin cells becomes damaged. This damage can occur from UV radiation from the sun, tanning beds and from other forms of radiation. The damaged skin cells can develop into tumors that at first are barely visible. These tumors grow over time; they may change in shape, color and size and cause symptoms such as bleeding and pain. The aggressive skin cancers can even travel to other areas of the body or metastasize.

There are three commonly occurring skin cancer types. The first and most common skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, also dubbed “BCC,” accounts for approximately 80% of all diagnosed skin cancers in the United States. The tumors can look like a shiny area of the skin and may resemble a non-healing sore or acne pimple.

Elderly Woman Having Moles CheckedThe second most common type of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, also known as SCC, accounts for about 16% of diagnosed skin cancers and can appear as a crusty area of the skin with red inflammation, a wart or a fast growing bump.

The third and most dangerous of skin cancers, melanoma, can also be the least apparent. Melanoma is the form of skin cancer that can develop within a mole that already exists on the skin, or can appear “de novo” on its own. Melanoma can present as a discolored mole, a changing mole, or at times as a mole that may be pink or red.

Dr. Aparna Ambay, a dermatologic surgeon, finds and treats these tumors in her pleasing office setting. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a certified skin cancer surgery center, Dr. Aparna Ambay further offers patients coordinated care with a board certified plastic surgeon at the same visit. 360 Dermatology elevates the standard of patient care and understands that having a caring, compassionate, coordinated care is the key to a healthy lifestyle and beautiful skin.