Laser Treatment – V-Beam Laser


At 360 Dermatology, we believe lasers are a great tool to aid in the correction of skin irregularities. The lasers are a safe, effective way to treat many skin conditions.

One of the lasers we use is referred to as the V-Beam laser. The V-Beam laser is a pulsed dye laser, meaning that the energy from the laser is delivered in pulses. These pulses work to target and heat your blood vessels causing them to collapse. During the treatment, the surrounding blood vessels are left undamaged.

This laser is best for:

  • Rosacea
  • Birth marks (port wine stains)
  • Broken blood vessels.

Some conditions such as rosacea and red birthmarks often require more than one treatment.

The best way to tell if our V-Beam laser can help you achieve the complexion you desire is to schedule an appointment for a skin consultation. During your appointment our board certified dermatologist can assess your skin and recommend your personalized treatment plan. To schedule your appointment or to learn more about our lasers call our office today at 813.406.4835.