Mohs Surgery in Tampa


The most effective technique for removing skin cancer

“Fantastic. My first visit set the tone for future visits. Having been to another dermatologist for over 12 years was not sure what to expect. What transpired was great. Dr. Ambay and staff were fantastic. Answered all my questions without hesitation and they did not limit their time with me. Have had a Moh’s surgery since my first visit and found there are is still a Doctor that cares about the patient. Will continue with Dr Ambay every 3 months.”  ~ RCG

Educating patients about the prevention and dangers of skin cancer is paramount. When skin cancers do occur, however, it can be frightening and the choices of treatments can be confusing. One choice is a tissue conserving procedure known as Mohs micrographic surgery and Dr. Ambay is an expert in this very specialized cancer care.

Mohs micrographic surgery, developed in the 1930’s by Dr. Frederic Mohs, at the University of Wisconsin, is the gold standard treatment for specific skin cancers. In this technique, progressive layers of cancer tissue are removed, processed in an on-site laboratory and read by the Mohs surgeon all at one appointment. As you can imagine, this is a very specialized technique offered by only a handful of dermatologic surgeons in Tampa. Dr. Ambay has been trained by national experts at the University of Wisconsin, who themselves learned the pioneering technique from Dr. Mohs. Dr Ambay is also a Fellow of the American Society of Mohs Surgery, a status awarded only to the select few who have passed a strenuous examination and performed thousands of cases with results validated by national experts in Mohs surgery.

Armed with an undeniable educational pedigree and experience Dr. Ambay achieves a high cancer free success rate and preserves surrounding healthy tissue maximizing the cosmetic outcome. To further maximize the cosmetic outcome, a board-certified plastic surgeon is available, on-site and at the time of the initial procedure, for reconstruction of a complex defect or at patient request. 360 Dermatology is the only comprehensive center in Tampa to offer this unique service.

360 Dermatology is a first-in-class Tampa dermatology center. Our staff respects your time, minimizes your inconvenience and elevates the standard of care! While in our office, you may decide to be productive by accessing our Wi-Fi connection, simply surfing the Internet or watching television while enjoying a complimentary beverage as you relax in our private lounge.

Skin cancer is a serious diagnosis with a potentially serious health impact. Trust 360 Dermatology to elevate the standard of care within an extraordinary atmosphere.