Pediatric Dermatology



From birth through adolescence, your child has healthcare needs different from those of an adult. That includes skin care. Pediatric dermatology conditions may be outgrown by adulthood, but require specialized treatment in early years. Skin conditions cause discomfort for the little one and a great deal of anxiety for even experienced parents. It helps to be familiar with the common ones and know when to see your dermatologist.

Dr. Aparna Ambay is a board certified dermatologist. She has advanced training and experience in serving the pediatric dermatology needs of Tampa and nearby areas. Dr. Ambay cites these as the most frequent skin conditions affecting children:

  • Acne – Pimples may strike at any age and can result in emotional and physical scars. Mild cases respond well to topical treatment. Conversely, oral medications, chemical peels, or laser therapy may be needed to manage the hormonal breakouts of adolescents.
  • Birthmarks – These vascular or pigmentation spots are not dangerous. However, early treatment with advanced therapies can save your child from potential self-consciousness if the mark is noticeable.
  • Chicken pox – This infectious disease comes with an itchy rash and the blisters can leave indented scars. Dr. Ambay will recommend home care to minimize discomfort and risk of scarring and prescribe antiviral medication if necessary.
  • Diaper rash – Baby’s sensitive skin becomes inflamed from contact with wet or soiled diapers and sometimes from what a breast-feeding mother eats. It is usually treated at home with frequent changings, soothing baths and topical creams.
  • Eczema – Many children have chronic atopic dermatitis and most outgrow it. The dry, itchy patches respond well to environmental adjustments, emollients and corticosteroid creams.
  • Measles – A contagious disease with fever and rash symptoms. Most otherwise healthy patients recover naturally within a week, treating symptoms with over the counter medications.
  • Ringworm – Ringworm is not a parasite, but rather a contagious fungal infection of the skin. If your child develops bumps that erupt into red rings, see your dermatologist for topical or oral anti-fungal treatment.
  • Scabies – These tiny mites burrow into the skin and cause intense itching and dryness. Scabies are easily spread by contact, so it’s important to see Dr. Ambay for medications to kill the mites and advice on how to control the spread.
  • Warts and molluscum – These bumps are caused by viral infections. They aren’t a threat to your child’s health, but they may spread to other body parts or other people. Depending on location, they can become irritated. Dr. Ambay will remove the offending nodes safely.

When your child’s health is at stake, don’t take chances. Call Dr. Ambay for a compassionate touch and effective solutions to Tampa’s pediatric dermatology needs.